Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sausage Party Stripper

Sausage Party Male Strippers

Great video of this genre of nude male strippers who perform at private parties.  The strippers let the audience suck on their dicks and even end with a cum shot.  

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nude Male Stripper Video

Nude Male Stripper Backstage Preparation Video

See how male strippers get ready and tie their cock to keep it up and hard for a live performance on stage

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Male Strippers With Balls!

                           Male Strippers with Balls!                  


Most male strippers dance and perform within the parameters of their local laws. Night clubs and bars are regulated by jurisdiction, and deem what dancers can and cannot wear.  The guys must usually cover their genitals and asses.  Some places do allow a little bit of variation in how much ass crack or dick can be exposed.  Many European and Latin nations seem to be more liberal and allow more nudity than in the U.S.A.  There are some patrons who actually prefer the strippers to leave something to the imagination...dancing with a g-string, thong or something that covers the goods, enhancing the bulge.  Others love the tease and then wait for the stripper to take off their thong or remove the towel for a brief revelation of penis.  Then there are people like myself who marvel at a guy who will perform totally nude and maintain an erection for a long period of time, while entertaining the crowd.  I call those kinds of dancers, "Male Strippers with Balls".  I am not quite sure how they are able to do it.  Yes, I know that there are penis pumps, viagra and other things that help the guys keep it up and hard.  But I am talking about the mental state that these male strippers are in....what makes them want to get in front of a horny group of guys and dance fully nude and stiff?  It truly amazes me that there are guys who are not just willing to take everything off, but who go further and dance totally naked with a raging hardon.  I know porn stars are notorious for their abilities in this field, but when you think about it, they only have a small audience of a few actors and the production crew.  In addition, they can redo a scene if they need to.  Male strippers who entertain live and totally nude with a boner for a crowd can't do a "retake".  Once they go past the point of no return and drop that last piece of cloth, they are totally exposed to an entire audience.  Their body is on full display and up for public critique.  I'm not sure what goes through their minds but their mental preparation must be one of complete confidence in order to reveal every square inch of their naked body and cock!  Their physique and manhood are evauated and judged in their entirety.  Is the stripper to hairy?  Is he too smooth?  Is he too feminine or twinky?  Does he have too much muscle?  Is his penis too small?  If their cock is not huge and at full mast, everyone notices, comments, and formulates an opinion.  How many guys have that much confidence to subject themselves to this type of scrutiny?  How many are willing to put themselves in such a position of vulnerability?  In looking at this from a little bit different perspective, strippers not only reveal themselves physically, but also emotionally.  Think about it.  Any male stripper who is completely naked and aroused, has taken everything that is personally private and intimate to him, and has made it totally public!  Being sexually aroused and erect is not typically that is something done in a public forum.  But they entertain and work their audience with every square inch of their naked body revealed; and as they are performing, they are also revealing their emotions.  The crowd is able to see what turns the stripper on and keeps him aroused.  Some strippers enjoy the attention of the crowd lusting after them, and they smile. Others are focused and concentrating on maintaining a sexy, erotic persona.  Many rub themselves and some also allow the crowd to participate and engage in worshipping their body.  There are even some venues where the strippers will allow you to share in their deepest intamacy as they publically reach orgasm and shoot a load of cum on stage for the crowd's pleasure.   As their oiled and sweaty body glistens, muscles tighten, nipples harden, and their veiny cock thrusts, you can almost read the mind of any nude performer.  They are turned on with the fact that you are fully engaged and that your attention is focused on their hot horny body performing for you.  That's why I say again, it takes balls for male strippers to perform at this level.  If you know or have seen male strippers perform naked with that unique ability to maintain a hardon while they dance for an extended period of time, appreciate the gift and talent that they have.  They work HARD for that money, so show them the respect and appreciation that they deserve by tipping them generously.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Naked Males Strippers Play with Their Pole

Making Their Pole Hard

Here are some pics of naked male strippers playing with their poles to make them hard for the horny crowd.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nude Male Strippers Cum on Stage for the Crowd!

Nude Male Strippers Cum on Stage in front of a Horny Crowd!

It is one thing for a hot muscular male stripper to get on stage and dance.  Crossing into the next level, they take off all of their clothes, including a tiny g-string or thong that barely covers their manhood. Once fully nude, the best of the male strippers perform with their cocks hard and fully erect while the eyes of the crowd feast on their horniness!  Unfortunately in many parts of the world, this type of entertainment which allows fully naked male strippers is not permitted in bars and clubs. But even at that point, some countries or principalities do allow male strippers to dance and strip totally nude, and a few even allow the strippers to get on stage or in front of the crowd and climax to a totally explosive event known as a cum shot show!   Enjoy some cum shot show pics from a few clubs around the globe!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal!

When watching strippers perform and entertain us, it's amazing to see a huge hardon trapped underneath a thong. It's like that cock is screaming, "let me out!"  Some strippers wear tight enough underwear or g-strings that we can all see the outline of their boner.  Always enjoy when the boys uncover that juicy sausage, as they slowly remove the towel, g-string or flag that covers up their manhood!  Whip it out for us boys!